Pre-trip Interview by Edie Weinstein

 Interview With Annabella Wood, the Truck Drivin' Mama!
By Edie Weinstein

In the 5th decade of her adventure-filled life, she is a petite woman, blond hair to her collar. Her eyes twinkle and her smile broadens when she speaks about two of her many passions: music and truck driving. Interesting combination? Annabella Wood, raised in California is now a Pennsylvania resident, who makes her living as a handy-woman and her dream is to be an alt-country star, singing on stages world wide. She certainly has, in musical parlance “earned her chops”. For 30 years, she was behind the wheel of a big rig, driving and singing her way cross country. Much of her music has a spiritual bent to it, with an interfaith flavor. She sings of lessons learned while en route to her destinations, and she is an inspiration to all who know her, myself included. Her voice has contributed to The Common Ground Fellowship Choir and she can be heard at Circle of Miracles in New Britain, PA most Sunday mornings. In short order, I predict, that she will be heard on radio stations world wide.

She said; “I've always wanted to drive; I knew that from age 8 that I wanted to drive.” Her parents; highly educated people, had other ideas for their strong willed daughter and so she attended a college prep high school. After graduating, her next educational venue was truck driving school. She laughingly tells the story that at age 14, she called a truck driving school and said “I wanna be a truck driver” and was sent info. Her father; “ a wonderful, loving man, was mortified.” Her mother “thought it was the greatest thing in the world.” It clearly was “not my father's dream for his little girl.” For awhile her parents thought it was a phase she would grow out of. Her father has never accompanied her, but her Mom has and actually got her permit and Annabella let her drive the rig.

She left the highways and byways in 2002, went back in 2004 during summer break from Bryn Mawr College. (Quantum Physics Theory) She earned a BA in Religion, Spirituality and Holistics from Union Institute and University in Vermont. “Part of me misses the road, loving the rumble of the road, the sound, even the smell, and part likes having a home. I sleep better in a truck than in a bed.”

When exploring the concept of inspiration to write songs, she enthusiastically described the process; “Unwritten songs are hanging down from the heavens and you bump into one. I was receiving all this input and running into all those songs. It was a very prolific time. I had 100 songs copyrighted.” Some would come to her completely formed. Some were inspired by bumper stickers as well as people she would meet along the way.

Annabella is taking on a magnificent project that shows her generous nature as well. She is teaming up with Twilight Wish Foundation which grants wishes for seniors. She is hopping up into the driver's seat again, taking a 6000 mile journey from PA to L.A. (Los Angeles), in the company of her Pomeranian and an 82 year old woman named Marguerite who always wanted to drive a truck. Although she will not actually be driving, Marguerite will be in the passenger's seat, leaving the driving in Annabella's capable hands. Wonder what songs will come from that road trip? The journey is scheduled to commence on August 15th from the parking lot of Twilight Wish in Doylestown, PA.

In order to meet expenses, $10,000 needs to be raised. Contributions can be made by going to If you send payment to the address: P.O. Box 1042 Doylestown, PA 18901, all the money goes to the truck trip, rather than if donations are made via Paypal, since then a fee is levied.

If you want to make a large donation of $1000 or more, then your name or the name of your company will be on trailer, which will be all gussied up. AARP is doing a media blitz and will be filming a documentary of it.

Edie Weinstein (a.k.a. Bliss Mistress) is an internationally known, sought after, colorfully creative writer and speaker whose passion is to help people live rich, full, juicy lives.
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