Space Travel: Exploring the Possibilities is a talk to Main Line Mufon about the science behind space travel and how close are we to going? - August 2020

The Next Step in Human Evolution:Living in a Material World? is a talk given at Circle of Miracles regarding where humanity is heading and what is the COVID-19 virus helping us to do?

Egypt Underground Tour - The Real DaVince Code: Revelations from Egypt at Circle of Miracles - March 2020

Unified Consciousness Interview is with Sue Greenwald of the Empowered Light Healing Expo - 2019

Activating the Earth's Power Grid: Egypt, Peru & Mexico is a talk given at Circle of Miracles regarding Unified Science and how to use that information to increase awareness of connection and love.

Consciousness as Vibration discusses our consciousness in the universe and how powerful we are and the responsibility this power engenders. - 2019 

The Night We Rocked the Pyramids is an epic talk about a journey into the non-material energy world of life itself. A group of 160 Unified Physics Delegates, including me, merged our consciousness with the vibration of the pyramids of Giza and achieved astounding physical results. This is a 2 hour journey. - 2018

Rocking the Pyramids Interview is an interview with Jennifer Stein about Unified Physics and visiting the Pyramids in Giza. - 2018 

Northern Spirit Radio Interview is a wonderful loving interview about music and awakening. - 2009