Unified Physics is the bridge between Science and Spirituality, or one could say it is physics with consciousness, or it is the meeting place of the physical world and the metaphysical world. However you want to say it, it describes the universe as totally connected, every being made from and connected to everything else. To learn from Nassim Haramein, the developer of Unified Physics, click here and check out the free Delegate Level 1 Class. I highly recommend it.

Unified Physics evolved as a new interpretation of the theories of Einstein, Max Plank, the geometry of Buckminster Fuller and a big shot of good old common sense with a little genius mixed in by Nassim Haramein.

I enjoyed taking Nassim's course. He describes what is actually taking place in our universe and the constant creation of life as we know it. I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in scientifically understanding the universe as a complete, integrated system.

Here is a short clip from the Resonance Science Foundation regarding our personal responsibility in choosing our belief system, how important that choice is and how we can all be so connected despite our disparate views on reality.

A Sense of Responsibilty from THE CONNECTED UNIVERSE on Vimeo.