The Easing of Pain into Joy

All of us have pain and joy in our lives. What if we could use that pain to find more joy, and what if each time we felt pain we simultaneously felt excitement within ourselves that more joy was on its way? 

Currently I use The Work of Byron Katie, A Course in Miracles, Circle of Miracles, the teachings of Ernest Holms and Michael Beckwith of the Agape Center in Los Angeles and other inspirational people to find a wonderful mix of peace and passion, pain and pleasure, rest and action. I offer this mix to you to facilitate the transformation of your pain into joy with the perfect consistency for your own comfort. I use questions, music and conversation to help you tap into your own inner wisdom which has been knocking on your door every day of your life. Only you have your answers, but others can help you gain access to them. 

What do the people in these pictures have in common? They have all been questioning their thoughts with The Work for a while.


What if you could use your pain to enhance your joy? What if you could set it up so that you are your own best pain reliever? Contact me and let's find out together.
Your next footstep awaits you. Come and step into it.

Mother-Father Spirit 

Mother-father spirit,
In every form,
Thank you for taking life as my family,
For helping us become your transparency,
For feeding our lives with your unbounded love,
For showing us how to live life with our cups filled up.

As your joy spills over onto the Earth,
Through my extended family,
Does your presence give birth,
To our realization of your life-loving ways,
And your ceaseless attention to our love-filled days.

May I always be open to receive your impress,
To share with others who wish to address,
Their recognition of you in all that they do,
To become a clearer reflection of you.

Thanks for my parents,
My sisters and brothers,
Nieces and nephews,
And all of the others,
For showing yourself in so many ways,
For packing the vacuum,
So that there is no empty space,
That we may connect at any time,
And know from you,
That we truly are divine.

2016/04/25 - Written on the plane home from visiting my birth family and receiving the Independent Music Award for Best Female Emerging Artist of 2015.
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