I've been working on houses ever since my own doublewide was struck by a small tornado in the high desert in CA. I hired a contractor to come and repair my damaged home, but soon noticed that I was telling him how to fix everything. I had at least as much knowledge about this as he did, and I cared about my house a whole lot more than he did. So I let him go, bought a bunch of do-it-yourself books and got to work. That was in 1990. I loved it, and started buying fixer-uppers. Then neighbors were asking for help and eventually it grew into a little business in my spare time. When I got off the road it was natural for me to start up my own handywoman business. My company, Belle's Buildings Handywoman Service, LLC. is registered with the state of PA as a Home Improvement Contractor, and a member of the BBB with an A+ rating and has won the following awards:

I am active with volunteer work in Philadelphia. The following article outlines one such outing. http://planphilly.com/articles/2016/10/25/building-women-s-skills-by-helping-low-income-women-repair-their-homes

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Check out these pictures of some of my work.

same cabinets

same door

same space, but that's about it

A definite improvement.

Same room, different shower experience

Same hearth with a new covering.

Notice the wall on the right hand side. That is the same wall in both pictures.

Whatever your project, let's talk.
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