Lesson from Venice Beach 2016/11/12

Now that I have signed and shared all the petitions that I feel drawn to sign, I have done what I can do to set the situation "right". Now it is time to switch my attention to healing and working on some understanding and forgiveness for everyone and everything involved, including myself. Perhaps a time to rest. 
I felt that switch within me while on Venice beach today with my friend Dan and was very moved by the people there. The body builders at Muscle Beach Gym, the  skateboarders, bicyclists, roller skaters, LGBTQ, heteros, street musicians, dancers, merchants, locals and tourists, all just being themselves, enjoying each other en masse. I didn't notice any angst or fear, nor people "trying" to be kind and loving, they were just doing it, being the example of how wonderfully we can live together and how rich life can be. The hatred recently displayed by both political parties and individuals including myself and my friends was not present there. There had been no national disaster. There was no room for these ideas amongst all the respect and camaraderie these people who didn't know each other had for each other. This is our possibility. We can learn so much from these people about living as contented, peaceful planetary citizens. And they are all in America! We can be this good to each other.

In my day's email this evening (talk about timing) I received a message from Michal, a wise being. It included the following which I found helpful as I start my healing. 
"... all separation based social structures must collapse before they can be replaced by those based in unity. View current events through this lens for a clearer understanding." 
This is an important time. There is much work to do. Many changes are afoot. If we are to usher in the new paradigm, the Age of Aquarius, we must expect a large push back from those who want things to remain the same. "But the times, they are a'changin." It appears that our lives will be filled with world stage excitement for the next however long. May I behave as I would wish others to behave and hold the space for our best selves to shine through. 
Time for me to "rise above the battlefield". I will rise, then fall, then rise again. This is not to say I will stop my passionate engagement in bringing forth what I feel is important. No. I will diligently and with great determination carry out the tasks put forth for me to do, but I will (hopefully) remember to let go of the outcome once it has been established, releasing it to the highest good. Then I will face forward once more and do the next task.
This is a life's work and this election is but a blip on the soul's path. It feels like an important blip. See? There I go again.
I'm not asking anyone to join me, though everyone is invited. This is a completely personal process we can share; each honoring our own timing and process.
May I never forget my lesson from Venice Beach.