New CD "Always With You" is out at last! 

I am the quantum physics musing, singing, songwriting, Work of Byron
Katie facilitating, handywoman, minister Truck Driving Mama. You can check out all of these facets of me right here. 

I offer one-on-one counselling using The Work of Byron Katie and other interesting tools to help you find your own solutions. 

The truck trip was a great success. We gave Margarette the ride of her lifetime, had fun and made friends all in one fell swoop. Press releases and pictures under the Truck Trip tab.

My bread is buttered by my award winning handywoman business. 

And while I'm doing all this, my mind is thinking on things like, "how do my thoughts create
my life?" "how did the world begin?" and other great stuff.

2008 radio interview
2009 radio interview

Truck Drivin Mama 


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